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  • All you need to know about the HTC One

    The new HTC flagship has finally reached our shores, and boy what a magnificent sight to see it is! The Taiwanese company has come up with a beautiful aluminum smartphone that will not only wow you with breathtaking appearance but also with the powerful hardware and innovative features it has at its disposal. But let […]

  • Sharp reveals the LL-S201A: a 20-inch multi-touch...

    Sharp’s continuing to push out new displays despite itswell-documented financial troubles, and today it’s got the LL-S201A model to show us. The 20-inch LED screen supports 10-point multi-touch input, and comes with a stylus which measures 2mm at the tip — offering greater precision than finger-mimicking nibs of 6mm or more that Sharp says are normally used with […]

  • Apple Store now has Lightning to HDMI and VGA...

    We noticed during the iPhone 5 launch that Apple had a big caveatwith its Lightning to 30-pin adapter: no video or iPod out support. Now that the new iPads are here with that same connector, the problem’s been partially rectified — for a sum. Namely, you can grab the Lightning to VGA or digital AV (HDMI) adapters for a […]

  • Tim Cook apologizes: “We Are Extremely...

    Apple’s CEO Tim Cook proved once again that the company under him is taking a different course when it comes to admitting mistakes. He did the right thing today, went out and said “We Are Extremely Sorry” about the half-baked Apple Maps that have been the source of endless fun for the competition lately. As far as that competition goes, Tim Cook […]

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